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This hits so very close to home; my neurologist has done more for me in treating the PSYCHOLOGICAL fallout, from my familial tremor, e. t.,
“Parkinson’s Lite” or whatever verbiage you care to apply, than she has for the actual condition itself.

That was the easy part; the hard part is untangling a lifetime of existential depression, bipolar behavior and the madness that ensues when things are “out of kilter”. I manage the lying bitch of depression like nothing else, because I don’t want to become a statistic, and I won’t be a burden to others. This is what depression TELLS you; you’re worthless, you’re talentless and no one gives a shit. Nothing could be further from the truth, but if someone so incredibly gifted as Robin Williams — desperate though his comedy always seemed to be to me — then those of us who suffer this disease are not safe.

Talk, shout, scream it from the mountain tops, yell it at passing cars, tell everyone you meet that you are MENTALLY ILL. I have seen God in ice cubes. I’ve licked windows during a psychotic break, and then tried to sleep in the fridge. Thank God I have people who understand me and CARE. I turn that back and try and help those who are hurting; we are legion. It is unconscionable that this should have happened to this gentle, kind man. Let us try and not let it happen again.

Israel Robledo

Having seen the news articles today about Robin Williams’ Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis, this post from May 2013 is intended to share that not all that hear the news will understand the serious nature of what those of us whom deal with depression and Parkinson’s Disease have to endure. As a result of the untimely death of Robin Williams, we have been afforded an opportunity to raise awareness to a higher level and educate others to the greatest extent possible.

Some people don’t have a clue what living with depression is about and just don’t “get it”. These are the most difficult type of people to convince that depression is real because these are the same people that don’t “get it”. It took me a while to realize this when, a few years ago, I asked a co-worker what she did to cope with states of depression or “down” days. She…

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