First, thanks to Dr. Shay Fabbro for this idea. She had a marvelous post about the stupidest product warnings she or any of us have ever seen.

*Actual warning label on hand-held hair dryer

I commented on a few of the stupider ones I’ve seen in my time on this planet, but then I remembered a whole different pathology that is brought about by exposure to these types of things. I have worked with some very bright people over the years, first at IBM, then at Verizon, and always with various orchestras. Musicians have their own quirks, tecchies, engineers and mathematicians have a different set of quirks. The quirks are not  mutually exclusive as you can see below:

Anyhoo, you can see by this very scientific-type diagram that we all have varied and rich lives. Horseshit. We all seem to think alike, but on parallel whats-is. Okay, I’m out of serious.

So when I was replying to Dr. Shay’s post, I remembered an incident that occurred when I worked on the National Support Desk at Verizon’s Tech Center. There were approximately 100 or so of us on a floor in that open-cubical style that was all the rage in the mid- to late-90s. The babble and noise levels could become pretty fierce, but with our mics and “2-holer” headsets as I called them, you could actually hear your caller and fix whatever was setting his/her hair on fire.

During my shift, there occurred a lull in the jabbering level that was unscheduled, at least to me. I was between calls so I looked around and I see our Hardware guy Robbie bringing everyone new mice. Ooh! Christmas! I get mine and open the box. Two warning labels are attached to the mouse cord: 1) Do Not Fling Mouse at Co-Workers and 2) Do Not Swing Mouse by Cord. I look up to see a flock(?) of mice flying overhead, back and forth, like artillery barrages, then I get hit in the back of the head with a mouse. Go figure.

Moral of this salutary tail(?) tale… Do Not Ever Tell Computer Engineers/Mathematicians NOT To Do Something!


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