I want to keep this blog as up-to-date and current as I possibly can. If I have to post twice in less than 24 hours (gasp!) so be it. My initial post was tailored more to all of the kind people I have been following and who have returned the favor. I’m learning tons of new things that I can actually use. I don’t have to be just the walking, talking Trivia Funhouse with 185,000,000 Useless Facts.

That being said, I do want to address one other thing that seems to be playing an increasingly large part in my life. I must first back up a few months. In November of 2011, I joined SETI@Home. I began with that project initially, but just added my 3rd project a few weeks back. I’ve always had a fascination with space-related type things, but didn’t realize how deeply that ran. It’s so deep that I never even suspected I had all this going on in my little noggin. Bear with me and I’ll try to put this together in less than, oh say, 4500 pages. Heh.

I majored in Music, Viola performance and had a long career as a professional violist. At some point in my mid-30s I met another violist on a gig and we proceeded to marry. When I didn’t turn into a zither player after our marriage, he started bitching all the time about the gigs I “stole” from him. I thought it was a stupid argument; the money was coming into the same house after all. So, I went back to school. I decided that to keep things interesting I would play a little “change up” (as I thought of it then) and major in Computer Science. This was a wise choice, as I was abysmal in anything vaguely resembling Algebra and Geometry in High School, so I was well-suited for this new career.

One subject I did very well with in High School; Logic. With that and a stubborn, let’s-do-maths-eight-hours-a-day attitude (musicians practice about that much in college) I sailed through school. I left my viola-playing husband, moved to Florida to help my mom, went to work at IBM and started traveling as a backup performer. I was able to work at IBM and support O/S and Networking problems late at night, or early mornings from whatever hotel I was staying in.

Jump forward. Guess what??? Music, math, science are all RELATED!!!!! MOTHER OF GOD, WHY DID NO ONE EVER TELL ME THIS BEFORE???? Heh. I’m sure I was told, but I am heedless in that manner. So, having come full circle, I am now “retired” and have loads of time to fart around on my computer, run arrays for various scientific enterprises, play and noodle on my viola to my heart’s content and read and maybe some day, try to write. Where I am going with all this: I really enjoy sci-fi and fantasy, as well as history and crime novels. I have been reading Harlan Ellison since I was about 10, and have read speculative fiction, as I hear it called off and on since that time, but not exclusively. 

I tapped into the sci-fi community when I first joined Twitter and became even more interested. A more engaging, forthright and generous bunch I have yet to meet. I think I’ve been heading down this path for some time without realizing it; I have lots to learn. I enjoy some of the hard-core sci-fi with its grounding in science fact, but I really like stories where everyday people are put into uncommon situations and have to deal with them on the fly.

I have made an abort…, er, attempt, at a science-fiction-y, satirical-type post in my SIFOTS blogs. I place the link here for your (hopefully) amused delectation and enjoyment. I warn you, when some of my FB friends read it, one of them had no idea what in hell I was trying to write about. My dearest, dear friend said, “she’s writing a lampoon of SETI@Home…blah blah.” Horrors; if someone ELSE has to explain to one of my readers (actually I only have 1 1/2 fans) what in hell I’m trying to write about, I don’t think this counts as a resounding success. So, I have no where to go but up, heh. Without further ado, here is the one and only post, I’ve been blathering about:

Please feel free to throw any bricks my way; just make sure they’re constructive bricks!

Until next time, all love and good things,







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  1. Reblogged this on thesifotsnextdoor.

  2. Music and maths, yes, they definitely seem related. While the rest of us labour through both subjects, some people instantly understand that a musical instrument – any instrument – is just a way to get to the music, and maths people understand that algebra is just training us how to write maps for when the maths goes complex.
    I think that made sense… didn’t it?

    • Lee, I just found this little patch of comments! Blargle and yes, you did make sense! Algebra is like scales and etudes and running patterns and such, so that when it gets complex, it all kicks in and becomes second nature. I cannot tell you how many times I worked and re-worked algebraic problems and treated them just like musical training for the tough stuff that lay ahead. Sorry this is three years and 5 months late. Off to play Dvorak and Richard Strauss and back to scales and etudes for the time being…

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