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First, thanks to Dr. Shay Fabbro for this idea. She had a marvelous post about the stupidest product warnings she or any of us have ever seen.

*Actual warning label on hand-held hair dryer

I commented on a few of the stupider ones I’ve seen in my time on this planet, but then I remembered a whole different pathology that is brought about by exposure to these types of things. I have worked with some very bright people over the years, first at IBM, then at Verizon, and always with various orchestras. Musicians have their own quirks, tecchies, engineers and mathematicians have a different set of quirks. The quirks are not  mutually exclusive as you can see below:

Anyhoo, you can see by this very scientific-type diagram that we all have varied and rich lives. Horseshit. We all seem to think alike, but on parallel whats-is. Okay, I’m out of serious.

So when I was replying to Dr. Shay’s post, I remembered an incident that occurred when I worked on the National Support Desk at Verizon’s Tech Center. There were approximately 100 or so of us on a floor in that open-cubical style that was all the rage in the mid- to late-90s. The babble and noise levels could become pretty fierce, but with our mics and “2-holer” headsets as I called them, you could actually hear your caller and fix whatever was setting his/her hair on fire.

During my shift, there occurred a lull in the jabbering level that was unscheduled, at least to me. I was between calls so I looked around and I see our Hardware guy Robbie bringing everyone new mice. Ooh! Christmas! I get mine and open the box. Two warning labels are attached to the mouse cord: 1) Do Not Fling Mouse at Co-Workers and 2) Do Not Swing Mouse by Cord. I look up to see a flock(?) of mice flying overhead, back and forth, like artillery barrages, then I get hit in the back of the head with a mouse. Go figure.

Moral of this salutary tail(?) tale… Do Not Ever Tell Computer Engineers/Mathematicians NOT To Do Something!


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I want to keep this blog as up-to-date and current as I possibly can. If I have to post twice in less than 24 hours (gasp!) so be it. My initial post was tailored more to all of the kind people I have been following and who have returned the favor. I’m learning tons of new things that I can actually use. I don’t have to be just the walking, talking Trivia Funhouse with 185,000,000 Useless Facts.

That being said, I do want to address one other thing that seems to be playing an increasingly large part in my life. I must first back up a few months. In November of 2011, I joined SETI@Home. I began with that project initially, but just added my 3rd project a few weeks back. I’ve always had a fascination with space-related type things, but didn’t realize how deeply that ran. It’s so deep that I never even suspected I had all this going on in my little noggin. Bear with me and I’ll try to put this together in less than, oh say, 4500 pages. Heh.

I majored in Music, Viola performance and had a long career as a professional violist. At some point in my mid-30s I met another violist on a gig and we proceeded to marry. When I didn’t turn into a zither player after our marriage, he started bitching all the time about the gigs I “stole” from him. I thought it was a stupid argument; the money was coming into the same house after all. So, I went back to school. I decided that to keep things interesting I would play a little “change up” (as I thought of it then) and major in Computer Science. This was a wise choice, as I was abysmal in anything vaguely resembling Algebra and Geometry in High School, so I was well-suited for this new career.

One subject I did very well with in High School; Logic. With that and a stubborn, let’s-do-maths-eight-hours-a-day attitude (musicians practice about that much in college) I sailed through school. I left my viola-playing husband, moved to Florida to help my mom, went to work at IBM and started traveling as a backup performer. I was able to work at IBM and support O/S and Networking problems late at night, or early mornings from whatever hotel I was staying in.

Jump forward. Guess what??? Music, math, science are all RELATED!!!!! MOTHER OF GOD, WHY DID NO ONE EVER TELL ME THIS BEFORE???? Heh. I’m sure I was told, but I am heedless in that manner. So, having come full circle, I am now “retired” and have loads of time to fart around on my computer, run arrays for various scientific enterprises, play and noodle on my viola to my heart’s content and read and maybe some day, try to write. Where I am going with all this: I really enjoy sci-fi and fantasy, as well as history and crime novels. I have been reading Harlan Ellison since I was about 10, and have read speculative fiction, as I hear it called off and on since that time, but not exclusively. 

I tapped into the sci-fi community when I first joined Twitter and became even more interested. A more engaging, forthright and generous bunch I have yet to meet. I think I’ve been heading down this path for some time without realizing it; I have lots to learn. I enjoy some of the hard-core sci-fi with its grounding in science fact, but I really like stories where everyday people are put into uncommon situations and have to deal with them on the fly.

I have made an abort…, er, attempt, at a science-fiction-y, satirical-type post in my SIFOTS blogs. I place the link here for your (hopefully) amused delectation and enjoyment. I warn you, when some of my FB friends read it, one of them had no idea what in hell I was trying to write about. My dearest, dear friend said, “she’s writing a lampoon of SETI@Home…blah blah.” Horrors; if someone ELSE has to explain to one of my readers (actually I only have 1 1/2 fans) what in hell I’m trying to write about, I don’t think this counts as a resounding success. So, I have no where to go but up, heh. Without further ado, here is the one and only post, I’ve been blathering about:

Please feel free to throw any bricks my way; just make sure they’re constructive bricks!

Until next time, all love and good things,






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Hello world! Run and Save Yourselves!   3 comments

Well, not really. No running allowed on this blog anyway. Nor is whistling, or chewing of gum. I just kind of started this blog and will use it because most of the people I enjoy following on Twitter and that I’m learning the most from are over here on WordPress, which does seem just a tad more “connected” than Blogspot where I keep my other three blogs.  Actually, only two of those are, by some definition, active. The other one, “HomelessChronclesinTampa” is non-active, solely because I am no longer homeless.

In a way, this is kind of a shame. The Homeless blog provided much entertainment and tons of fodder for a”humor” blog. Most of my friends enjoyed reading it and thought it was all clever and funny.  One of my friends failed to see the humor in it, and told me that. I was taken aback, but she was entitled to her opinion, and she was right, in a sense. Being homeless was not funny. Those of us coming out of that state, tend to forget the truly horrific feeling of not knowing where the next meal is going to be, if we will die from our medical conditions, and if we will ever work again. Never mind the stigma of being homeless. But, I digress. Any victi… er, fan of my writing and babbling knows that I wander, rove, migrate and ramble, but eventually, through some major miracle, I get back on track. I am also a master of run on sentences. I know; do tell.

So this is kind of the “companion” blog to the ever-famous S.I.F.O.T.S. blog at That blog is a “niche” blog;, or SIFOTS as I lazi… er, lovingly, call it “features ” badly taken pictures of junk I and my fellows from the shelter picked up and dragged back to our nests. I hung on to all this detritus and after I moved across the street from the homeless shelter and was no longer homeless, the Homeless blog just seemed like lying.

So, I came up with the idea for SIFOTS. I figure if people can make blogs and sport off of “Crap I Found at My Parents’ House” and the whole “ICanHazCheezburger” meme-franchise, why not a blog built around junk found on streets or sidewalks? Even better, make up some really fantastical bullshit and shoe-horn that in. Occasionally, do something “artsy” like talk about your music career, which in retrospect, sounds more and more like I spent 35 years as backup player to a C-rated lounge singer, and less and less like anything resembling a lofty experience, or talk about all the pinheads I helped at Ibm’s and Verizon’s IT desks and tell hilarious stories about the time that one guy called looking for the “Any” key, as an in-joke for the 60 year-old geeks.

Anyway, thesifotsnextdoor blog is going to be a what-ever you-all want blog. This is for my new friends and followers on Twitter. It has truly been a delight to meet each and every one of you. I am not a published writer, and my reason for doing this and my reason for being at times, is because I enjoy it. I also appreciate the new outlooks and ideas I’m garnering from each of you.

This is undoubtedly (and some would say, blessedly) the shortest post I’ve ever made. I guess good writing is not made in the length, but in the language and insights. I may achieve some of that, but smart money says I won’t. That’s okay; it will still be fun!


Thoughts, critiques and ramblings welcome!

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